Plumbago - Blue
Plumbago - Blue
Plumbago - Blue

Plumbago - Blue

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    Plumbago auriculata, Gardeners everywhere find it easy to fall in love with Plumbago, a tropical flowering shrub that blooms nonstop and produces clusters of sky-blue flowers -- one of the rarest colors in the flower world. Hardy in Zones 9 and 10, plumbago typically grows about 6 feet tall, making it a favorite foundation planting in the tropics. It mixes well with other shrubs in landscape beds and borders, and even thrives in large containers. Plumbago has also become a must-have plant for butterfly gardens.

    Because plumbago flowers practically nonstop and is so easily to grow, this tropical has found its way North and frequently used throughout the country as a container-garden plant or annual in areas that experience frosty temperatures over winter. It's lovely by itself, but mixes beautifully with other plants, as well -- especially those with big, coarse textures and contrasting colors.


    Grow plumbago in full sun or light shade. It can tolerate fairly dense shade, but doesn't bloom well -- if at all -- without the sun.

    Water plumbago during extended dry spells; it's quite drought tolerant. That said, this flowering shrub will grow fastest and bloom best if it's watered regularly through the season.

    You typically don't need to worry about fertilizing plumbago if you grow it in landscape beds and borders (either as an annual or perennial). If you grow it in container gardens, it is best to fertilize regularly with a general-purpose fertilizer. Follow the directions on the packaging and apply the fertilizer in the spring and summer months.

    • Light

      Outside: Part sun
      Outside: Sun

    • Water

      Medium water needs

    • Colors


    • Special Features

      Attracts butterflies
      Attracts hummingbirds
      Deer/rabbit resistant
      Super-easy to grow


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