Air Plants

Air Plants

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8 air plants per box


    Tillandsia spp., Air Plants are a unique combination of ornament and houseplant! The clear glass globe holds a beautiful, easy-to-grow living plant that doesn't require soil -- just humid air. That means you can enjoy these exotic beauties without a lot of fuss or mess. Display air plants on a bright desk, counter, or tabletop -- or hang them in front of a window


    Keep your air plants in bright light, but out of direct sun, especially in Southern climates. Water your air plant by lightly misting it with water once a week or every other week. The warmer and drier the air, the more frequently you should mist. 

    Native to tropical rainforests, air plants enjoy good air flow and high relative humidity, so they're excellent choices for well-lit kitchens and bathrooms.

    If you have a holiday Joy Globe, you can remove the plant out from the holiday globe, if you wish, and use it for crafty projects. Don't place your plant in storage with the rest of your holiday decor; it won't make it without light. 

    • Light

      Indoors: High light

    • Water

      Low water needs

    • Colors

      Green, Red, White

    • Special Features

      Super-easy to grow


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