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    Sedum, Sedum. Plant them and forget them! That basically sums up why you should include a variety of sedum in your garden and landscape. Available in a seemingly endless selection of sizes, colors, and shapes, sedum vary from 3-inch-tall ground huggers to 3-foot-tall. Their adaptable nature also allows sedum to work as well in the landscape as it does in containers. Most sedum bloom in the late summer and fall and produce nectar-rich heads of rose, red, yellow, or white flowers that will attract butterflies from miles around. And, when not in bloom, sedum shows off fleshy bright green, gray, red, maroon, chartreuse, or variegated foliage from early spring till frost. Sedum is also deer resistant. Hardy from zones 3-8.


    Plant sedum in a location that receives at least 6 to 8 hours of sun a day. Low-water, sun-loving sedum is not fussy about soil type, but hates standing in water, so make sure the site doesn't stay wet very long after storms. If you have a low spot or area that floods after heavy rains, plant sedum on a raised mound to keep its roots above the water.

    Once established, sedum is exceedingly drought tolerant and rarely needs watering, even in the heat of summer. That said, it is helpful to water newly planted sedums regularly for the first couple of months after planting to help it become settled in the garden.

    In the early spring it helps to pinch taller varieties of sedum to promote more compact growth. Upright-growing varieties can be left standing all winter long for winter interest or pruned back to the ground after freezing temperatures kill the stems in autumn. However, if you lave the faded flowers in place over winter, songbirds can eat the seeds and you can enjoy their winter color and cheery sounds. 

    • Light

      Outside: Sun

    • Water

      Low water needs

    • Colors

      Green, Pink, Red, Variegated, White, Yellow

    • Special Features

      Attracts butterflies
      Attracts hummingbirds
      Colorful foliage
      Deer/rabbit resistant
      Super-easy to grow


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