Agave Blue, Tequilana
Agave Blue, Tequilana

Agave Blue, Tequilana

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    Agave, Agave is a bold, exotic houseplant that's sure to lend interesting texture to your home. The agave family includes large and small varieties in a variety of colors, so there's one for just about every look. Agave are beautiful indoor plants that work particularly well with the modern look, but they're also perfect for more eclectic decor styles. Indoors, most agave won't flower, but that's all right because they tend to have such interesting leaves -- especially variegated varieties. 


    Agave are low-water indoor plants. Many varieties are actually native to hot, arid areas of Mexico and Central America -- so as long as you have plenty of light (they're sun worshippers) you should expect them to thrive with minimal watering in your home. They're also particularly good plants for decorating a sunny deck, patio, or balcony over the hot summer months. 

    • Light

      Indoors: High light

    • Water

      Low water needs

    • Colors

      Blue, Green, Silver, Variegated

    • Special Features

      Colorful foliage


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