Foxtail Fern

Foxtail Fern

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    Asparagus spp., Asparagus or Foxtail Fern, A longtime favorite for adding texture to spaces indoors and out, asparagus fern is so versatile, you can grow it as a houseplant or outside in hanging baskets and container gardens. The plant's fine texture looks great no matter where you grow it!

    Indoors, asparagus fern hangs beautifully from baskets in front of windows. It's also a fine choice for coffee tables and other large horizontal surfaces. Upright varieties, such as foxtail fern, are perfect for small planters on desks or tabletops, as well as larger planters on the floor.

    Outdoors, asparagus fern is a favorite plant to use in mixed containers. Its rich color accents most flowers and its fine texture makes asparagus fern a welcome addition to container gardens. You can also grow it in large hanging baskets to decorate shaded front porches and balconies.


    Indoors, grow asparagus fern in a medium to bright spot. In Southern areas, it's best to shield asparagus from a lot of direct sun. Water asparagus fern regularly; the leaves will turn brown and crispy if it doesn't receive enough water.

    Outdoors, asparagus fern does well in shade or part shade. It can take full sun if it stays relatively moist. Regular watering is important, especially if you grow asparagus fern in hanging baskets.

    • Light

      Indoors: High light
      Indoors: Medium light
      Outside: Part sun
      Outside: Shade
      Outside: Sun

    • Water

      Medium water needs

    • Colors


    • Special Features

      Purifies the air


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